In this advanced Scientific Century Scientists and Doctors from various sections keenly notice at Siddha Systems of medicine. They believe in Siddha medicine and their anticipation is great from the Siddha system of Medicine. It is the global expectation than systems of medicine, the scope of the students of Siddha are high in future.


   Siddha System is one of the ancient traditional systems of medicine in India. The term Siddha is derived from Siddhi i.e: attainment of perfection or an achievement. There is no word in the English language which adequately describes the word Siddham. The System of Siddha Medicine originated through the Siddhars, who were possessors of extra sensory knowledge and attainments.

   This system also deals with the concept of immortality and salvation in this life. The exponents of this system consider that achievement of this state is possible by regulated diet, medicine and processing of mind by yogic or spiritual execises like meditation and yoga.

          The basic concept of Siddha system of medicine is                       

                    " Food is Medicine - Medicine is Food"
          Saint Thiruvalluvar says

                    " Migaium Kuraiyinum Noi Seyyum Noolor
                      Vali Mudhala Enniya Moondru"
                                                                                                                                       An organization consists of human expectations,obligations and good relationships.  It is basically a structure within which individual needs arise.  R.V.S. Siddha Medical College provides excellent infrastructure, in conditions of reputed Chairmanship, Managing Trustee, Faculty, Lab Facilities, Library, Pharmacy and Hospital.


   There are many thoughts regarding Siddhars. It is mentioned that God is “Sath- Chith- Aanandam”. ‘Sath’ means reality, ‘Chith’ means intelligence. ‘Aanandam’ means Bliss. Siddhars attained all the above. Sivan the God of Indians is called as ‘Aadhi Siddhar’. In Kanjamali at Salem the moolakkirahar ‘Sivam’ is worshiped in the name of Siddheswaran. One among five Kappaiams in Tamil the Silappathikaram narrates that the Siddhars take bath in the soil, reclaim on the sky, and wanderin the water(Sea). Siddhars lived in forests, caves and mountains. They are not recluse, Sanyasis, Rishies or so on. Some Siddhars belived in God and some were against God. It sounds atheistic when they say that ‘Stone never speaks when God is in the heart’.

     The Siddhars lived with Thabonilai, the power of austerity. Their motto was to reach ‘Siva Nilai’, the blissful state. At the same time they wished to do something for the Benefit of human beings; mainly their longevity of healthy life. The system derived from their wisdom is known as Siddha Vaidyam.

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