Department of Gunapadam - Mooligai, Thathu jeeva Vaguppu (Materia medica)

Gunapadam - Mooligai,Thathu jeeva vaguppu is the major department of Siddha. The subject deals with the study about Herbals, Minerals, Metals and Animal origin drugs and their application on research. Students were trained on the History, Properties, Physiological effects, Mechanism of action, Absorption, Metabolism, Excretion and the uses of each and every drug which were mentioned in the text. And also trained them on purification and preparation methods of Siddha medicines. And We have a well equipped museum of raw drugs which enhances the knowledge of identification purpose. Our Department has a Pharmacy, Pharmacological laboratory with machineries in order to train the students in making new and rare preparations of Standard Siddha Medicines. We also teach the way to form a Medicine Production Unit and visit some Pharmacies to experience the unit.

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