Department Nunnuyiriyal / Noi Nada& Noi Muthal Naadal (Microbiology)

Nunnuyiriyal / Noi Nadal & Noi Muthal Naadal (Microbiology), an exciting branch of Life Sciences, deals with the World of Microorganisms of various kinds like Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, etc. and their relationship with the human body and other hosts. The Department of Nunnuyiriyal is dedicated in providing indepth knowledge to the budding Siddha doctors, about the role of microbes in human life. The Microbiology laboratory attached to this department is equipped with Microscopes, Autoclave, Laminar Airflow and other equipments to provide the State of Art training to the students in isolating the microbes from natural environments and also from the blood, urine and other samples, their identification and possible role in causing diseases. The staffs of the department are keen in enforcing that "Teaching and Research should go hand-in-hand" and hence we encourage the students to take an active part in research projects apart from their academics.

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