Counselling Code : 264

Kuzhanthai Maruthuvam – unit V


Siddha literatures prescribe a good number of formulations for treatment of common childhood diseases ranging from infancy to Child hood and also suggest many preventive medicines.

Immunosuppressed Children, Children with Childhood Allergy and Asthma, Diarrhea, Dysentery and Skin disorders are treated in the Outpatient Department. Special Treatments are also given for children affected with Cerebral Palsy, Hyperactive disorders Autism and Bala Vatham.

Special Treatment includes Head Massage stimulating varma points, Sirodhara, Thailam Application in head etc.


1 Dr.M.Shakeel Abbas. M.D(s) (HOD) CONSULTANT
2 Dr.N.R.Vasuki.M.D(s) CONSULTANT
3 Dr.T.Sinthanaichirpi.BSMS RMO